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Bringing international technology to the Canadian market.

Technology Market Advisory Services

Samuel Technologies works with international technology partners and companies from the U.S., Europe and Asia to validate, market and demonstrate Information Technology (IT) and Information Management (IM) solutions to Canadian government customers and commercial industry purchasers. Our exerts provide end-to-end business solutions.

Product Validation

Our expert associates assist in the validation of the product or service that a technology company offers and evaluates its ability to align with the needs, requests and requirements of the intended audience.

Business Development

Samuel Technologies will review your corporate strategy and help transform it to develop key partnerships and relationships that will advance the business capture process within the Canadian marketplace.

Strategic Marketing

We initiate and support strategic marketing campaigns that increase brand awareness and mobilizes the influx of potential new customers.

Product & Solution Demonstration

Demonstrating a product’s or service’s value is the most critical piece in a business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-government (B2G) interaction. We provide a customized marketing plan and facilitate meetings with potential partners or buyers to showcase your technology and how it addresses the requirements of a specific market.

Contract Management & Procurement

Our team of experts will help with end-to-end contract management and the procurement cycle process.

Business Transitions & Acquisitions

We assist with business acquisitions and dispositions of various forms and complexities. We work with companies of all sizes, industries and sectors. We diligently guide clients through the complexities of securing, negotiating, and executing these transactions which are amicable and maximizing benefits of all parties involved.

Preparing an acquisition presentation package using accounting, financial, legal, technical, tax and other relevant information.

Identifying potential buyers and discretely approaching them on behalf of the client.

Identifying interested buyers, introducing the buyers, and entering into negotiations on a transaction.

Assisting in the negotiation process and when an agreement has been reached, inform any other interested buyers that the client is no longer for sale.

We offer supplemental and added-value services to protect our client's interests and achieve their specific business objectives.

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Corporate Reorganizations & Restructuring
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Business Transitions
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Confidentiality Agreements
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Due Diligence Investigations
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Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances
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Letters of Intent and MOUs

As our clients navigate acquisition or disposition opportunities, we diligently guide them through the complexities of structuring, negotiating, and executing these transactions.

Digital Strategies & Development

Our Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies combine seamless and multi-dimensional communications with interactive experiences for targeted audiences to optimize our client’s messaging and marketplace brand awareness.

We provide our clients with a full suite of Digital Services customizable to suit each client’s business requirements and circumstances.

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Digital Marketing Strategy
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Digital Marketing Project
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Social Media Management
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Content Writing & Creation
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Audiovisual Production
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Software Testing
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Quality Assurance
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Search Engine Optimization
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Pay Per Click Optimization
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Graphic Design
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UX/UI Design
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Web Development
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Web Design
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Mobile Development
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Development Operations
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Marketing Automation
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Analytics & Research
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Front-End Development
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Back-End Development
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Application Development
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Cloud Integration
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Cloud Development
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Custom Software Development
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Demonstrating your Solution

Demonstrating the value of a product or service is the most critical piece in a business-to-business or business-to-government sales interaction. We provide a customized marketing presentation and facilitate meetings with potential partners and buyers to showcase your technology and how it serves as a solution in the current market.

Contract Management and Procurement

Our team of experts will help with the end-to-end contract management and procurement cycle process.


Formally entering a contract agreement with Samuel Technologies to develop a specific customer or end-user relationship.


Interested parties meet to decide how to arrange an a mutually beneficial agreement.


terms & conditions
The contract is drawn up based on the agreed-upon terms and in consultation with the Technology Partner. The terms and conditions of the contract are then finalized and agreed upon with the customer.


Each party reviews the contract and signs their legal consent to be bound by its terms and conditions.


The contract is in effect and compliance is assured by both parties, including insurance requirements, project management support, contract administration and deliverables. If there is an issue on either side, resolution is immediately sought to remedy the situation.


renewal or termination
The contract comes up for review after a specified time. If the contract is designed to be ongoing, it might be renewed, amended, or renegotiated. If it’s designed to be a one-time execution, the contract terminates successfully.
Meet our experts

Our Team

At Samuel Technologies, our team works as a single entity united by a strong set of ethics and values. When you work with us, we engage the resources of our entire team to advance your strategic business development, marketing and sales initiatives.

Goran Samuel Pesic

President & CEO
Goran Samuel Pesic has over 30 years of experience in business, political, defence and security matters. He is President and CEO of the Samuel Group of Companies, which includes Samuel Associates Inc.—a strategic lobbying and marketing firm, and Policy Insights Forum—a nonpartisan research division of Samuel Associates.

Jonas LeBlanc-Wilmink

Director of Operations & Government Relations
Jonas LeBlanc-Wilmink has held executive positions in both youth and provincial political organizations where he gained experience in the management of provincial and municipal political campaigns. Jonas has had the opportunity to work with and lead multiple national and international non-profit organizations. Jonas has also worked in the aerospace industry, the telecommunications industry, corporate medical and municipal affairs arenas as well as the public safety domain.

Dave McMahon

Senior Technology Advisor
Dave engages in interdisciplinary thinking, strategic listening, over-the-horizon technology forecasting and the incubation of advanced ideas and solutions. He applies advanced data science, anticipatory intelligence and creativity towards solving tomorrow’s challenging and complex poly-disciplined problems, delivering contextualized narratives and actionable insights in a World described by data.

Brian Macdonald

Executive Account Manager
Brian Macdonald is a bilingual senior political and corporate affairs executive with a government, defence, and security background. Throughout Brian's career, he has served in various leadership roles in the private and public sectors. Brian is a former 2-term elected official in the Province of New Brunswick as well as a veteran and former Officer in both the British and Canadian Army.

Jamie Baillie

Executive Account Manager
The Honorable Jamie Baillie has a proven track record of leadership in business, politics and government. Jamie is a Senior Associate at Samuel Associates, a brother company of Samuel Technologies, where he provides trustworthy advice on business strategy, political lobbying and marketing-to-government advice. Jamie was named by Atlantic Business Magazine as one of Atlantic Canada's Top 50 CEOs for five consecutive years.

Gio Petti

Digital Content Producer
Giordano 'Gio' Petti is a Digital Content Producer at Samuel Technologies. Gio delivers advanced solutions for clients through podcasts, audio and video editing services, and live-stream broadcasts on various platforms. Internally, Gio has produced "The EXA Way" podcast, the "Profiles in Leadership" podcast series, the “NATO Engagement Testimonial” videos, and LinkedIn Live broadcasts for Samuel Associates.

Sunny Yu

Graphic Web Designer
Sunny Yu is the Graphic Web Designer at Samuel Technologies. Sunny brings a unique background with specializations in art, design research, and UX/UI Design. Prior to joining Samuel Technologies, Sunny has worked with various technology companies, and economic development agencies. She assists the firm with web design, graphic design and art direction. Sunny is responsible for the complete website re-design of Samuel People, and the Samuel Group of companies.
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