Helping international
technology companies bring their solutions to
the Canadian market.

Helping international
technology companies bring their solutions to the Canadian market.

Samuel Technologies Inc. works with international technology partners and companies from the U.S., Europe and Asia to validate, market and demonstrate Information Technology (IT) and Information Management (IM) solutions to Canadian government customers and commercial industry buyers.
Our Services

Product Validation & Verification

Samuel Technologies and its expert staff of technology associates will analyze the specific solution of the Technology partner and determine if it aligns with the needs, requests and requirements of the intended audience or potential customers and end-users.
Business Development

Business Development, Marketing and Sales Support

Samuel Technologies will review and critique your corporate strategy and business development initiatives within Canada and international markets.We help you create or improve your relationship with specific organizations potentially interested in the Technology Partners solution-set.

As part of our business development and marketing outreach services, we provide timely and accurate business intelligence and advice on competitive landscapes and potential customers.

We offer you guidance to ensure that key decision-makers broadly and effectively understand your narrative through an integrated communications strategy.

We help you develop strategic partnerships and relationships with key companies and stakeholders to advance the business capture process.

We offer suggestions for strategic marketing initiatives, advertising, social media and communications campaigns to influence potential customers, mobilize Stakeholders, and help mitigate your business initiatives' overall risk.
Solution Demonstrations

Solutions Demonstrations

Solution demonstrations are the most critical piece in a business-to-business, or business-to-government, sales interaction.

This service provides a unique opportunity for the Technology Partner to demonstrate the value of a solution to prospective customers or end-users.

Samuel Technologies provides a customized marketing presentation, researches and identifies target audiences, and facilitates meetings and interactions with key decision-makers and other influencers to showcase the technological solution to government organizations or commercial enterprises.
Contract Management and Procurement

Contract Management and Procurement

Our contract management and procurement process explained:
1. Initiation

A Technology Partner formally enters into a contract agreement with Samuel Technologies to develop a specific customer or end-user relationship. These customers or end-users are typically government organizations or commercial entities.

2. Negotiation

Interested parties meet to decide how to arrange an agreement mutually beneficial.

3. Terms & Conditions

The contract is drawn up based on the agreed-upon terms. Samuel Technologies typically draw up an agreement in consultation with the Technology Partner. The terms and conditions of the contract are then finalized with the customer.

4. Approval

Each party reviews the contract and signs their legal consent to be bound by its terms and conditions.

5. Execution

The contract is now in effect. Compliance needs to be assured by both parties, including insurance requirements, project management support, contract administration and deliverables. If there is an issue on either side, resolution is immediately sought to remedy the situation.

6. Renewal or termination

The contract comes up for review after a specified time. If the contract is designed to be ongoing, it might be renewed, amended, or renegotiated. If it’s designed to be a one-time execution, the contract terminates successfully.

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